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LG 2019/06/25

Tony has a way of communicating that makes you feel at ease. You know that you are in safe hands. He makes you feel comfortable and guides you through the process so completely and answers any questions before you get started without making you feel like you don’t know anything- he has a way of explaining that helps you relate to day to day life. The session was wonderful, I learnt so many things about myself- things that I may have known but wouldn’t have been able to bring into realization without this session. The connection to higher self is just beautiful, I absolutely loved the experience and will definitely be going back to Tony for more sessions (the universe told us so)

Karin Coulsen 2019/06/04

A place I could call home. I have never met a more open, down to earth, non-judgemental person. Not only did I have an experience of a lifetime, got my questions answered, i felt at home, relaxed and comfortable.

Lana Cruger 2019/05/20

Excellent QHHT Session! My session with Tony was exactly what I needed for clarity with regards to important decisions I have to make. He is extremely professional and helpful. I would recommend his services to anyone wanting to connect in a safe environment with their Higher Self.

Ilana Tredoux 2019/04/29

Let me just start off by saying I am so glad that I found a QHHT practitioner. I had read so much online and watched so many YouTube videos on the subject, that when I found Tony Seef listed as a practitioner in Gauteng South Africa I became very excited at the idea of experiencing it for myself. So, I recently had a QHHT session with Tony and it was truly awesome. Besides the fact that he is very charming he has an incredibly soothing voice, (which I think should be a prerequisite for any hypnotherapist lol). Anyway, he took me into a past life and subsequently helped me to connect with my ‘Higher Self’. And what felt like 30 maybe 45minutes max turned out to be almost an hour and a half long session in which I found answers to questions and witnessed the healing of my body. Thank you Tony for facilitating such an amazing experience. You will definitely see me again soon. Love Ilana

Derek Mendelsohn 2019/04/23

I had an awesome QHHT experience with Tony . I felt comfortable , cared for & all my questions answered. The healing part of the session was outstanding . I highly recommend a session with Tony !!!

Tamarin Epstein 2019/04/11

My partner and I both had amazing QHHT sessions with Tony! From the moment we arrived, Tony was welcoming and warm, and put us at ease. He explained everything thoroughly, answered all our questions, and conducted a good intake with us. The setting was relaxing and restful, with a soft bed, warm blankets, crystals, and a warm, pink light. It was easy to trust Tony, and his voice was soothing and calm. Thank you, Tony, for facilitating this beautiful and deeply healing experience for us. Much love and light :)

Anonymous 2019/03/18

Hi Tony, just wanted to give you an update on our QHHT session from October last year. One of the issues raised was the presence of warts on my right hand. I am pleased to report that they have almost disappeared with no other interventions at all

Anonymous 2019/02/05
Hi Tony, I was so pleased to have met you! Just to give you some feedback after my session with you..... Directly afterwards I felt quite down and depressed and found it difficult to focus on my everyday life. The session made me very disappointed with myself in running away/escaping/not seeing things through with courage and conviction. But then, I reflected on the advice from my SC and felt a strength to change all that have the strength to not repeat those self defeating thoughts and actions and not be afraid, face my fears and not disappear as I did in my past lives! My eyes, although not completely healed, are showing improvement which I haven’t had since a year back when this condition first appeared...I am confident that if I act on the advice from my SC they will heal completely. So now I’m making a point of a daily healing meditation and, (not always successful) getting more sleep, as advised ... I especially want to thank you for facilitating a session with me which I have found to be invaluable. I really hope you will continue with QHHT and share your gift of healing . With many thanks!
Anna Jooste 2019/01/12
Very Special. Tony is very professional and very good. Highly recommended.
Sean Tobkin 2018/08/28
Patience Rewarded. Ethical honourable safe hands guide you through the most magnificent process and awakening of your person.
Charnell van den Berg 2018/08/28
A Joy to Work With! From the moment that I contacted Tony for a session and up until now (days after the session), Tony has been warm and welcoming. I was very nervous and didn't really know what to expect but he quickly put me at ease. I've learned a lot from my session and will be back for another one. Tony is an absolute joy to work with! I can recommend him to anyone.
Leonie van Dyk 2018/08/28
Thank you for a wonderful QHHT session! It was an amazing experience. You have a very clear and sensitive approach and I was very comfortable during the session. No fear, no stress. The energies start preparing me tangibly even before the session and afterwards continued for few days - I do feel profoundly changed. You intuitively guided me to allow the answers I seeked, to come through clear and easy.
Sharon Coetzee 2018/08/28
Wow! I am so thrilled that I had my QHH session with Tony. He is extremely friendly, funny and reassuring, and really knows what he is doing. Before my session, Tony explained exactly what was going to happen. He was able to answer all my questions before the session. During the session all my questions were answered and clear guidance from my higher self was given to me. I was also healed of my back pain during the session and guidance for my weight problem was given. When I was awakened after my session I had clarity, and knew the direction I needed to go in to achieve all my goals. I had tons of energy for a week afterward. In the days following my session I dealt with a lot of my past issues and ended a lot of hurtful relationships. I can truly say I am a lot more positive and happier. I have healed through this process. The support I receive from Tony is amazing, he truly cares and is always there for support, guidance and reassurance. I highly recommend having a QHHT session, it is literally life changing.
Jan Malatjie 2018/08/28
My initial idea to take part in a QHHT session with Tony was to try something new but also to get answers from my higher/subconscious self about things that keep me up at night. I had four main questions that are important to me. The session not only gave me answers to all of my questions, it also provided me with a feeling of extreme calmness and more confidence in myself and the world around me. I often listen to the recording of my session as I don’t recall anything from my hypnotic state, however, my subconscious mind provided me with tools and methods that I can use, to center myself and engage with my higher self and connect to the source. Today, I am more assured of myself and confident. I feel lighter and allow myself to be present, knowing that I will be fine and that all things are working for my own good.
Leonie Joubert 2018/08/28
Wow wow wow!!! What can I say, my session with Tony really was an eye opener and amazing experience. The session helped me to understand some of my deepest darkest fears and insecurities that I always saw as my inner demons and a curse of bad luck. When I look at my setbacks now I can clearly see they were only challenges and they helped me become the woman I am today. Tony you helped me look at every negative part in my life and see them for what they really were new beginnings as a stronger happier me. Thank you for that amazing experience and helping me be more positive and happy again even when I feel like I don't understand this life that we living here on earth. I am really looking forward to our next session to understand some new challenges in my life - or just to have a cup of coffee cause just being in your company makes me feel so relaxed.
Shaun Erasmus 2018/08/28
I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be part of this hypnosis session with you, it was not just interesting but have made a huge impact on my life. At first I was very sceptical but after the session ended I was amazed at what could be extracted from such a hypnosis session. I received some clarity on my relationships, life goal, medical conditions and my studies. It gave me some real insight into my thoughts and life, I look at life with different eyes now and I am much more aware of my goals in life and what I need to focus on. You were very professional and I felt comfortable all the time. I would recommend this to any of my friends or family.